Cabinet BOX*C

We all dream about some space where we can close ourself sometimes.
We all need some privacy and peace in the fast world we're living in.
But how we can afford that, living in a shrinking space, small flats in which we need to share the space with
our families and friends ?
Do you want to hide all your private stuff, daily mess, home office equipment all the cables, laptops,cameras
in a split of a second?
Well, just pack it in a box and close the doors. But not just an ordinary Box. A very special one, crafted to
meet all your expectations.
A box which can be easily reorganized. Today office can become tomorrow media/tv unit or a dressing table,
just rearrange the internal shelves.
When the time for changes come, and you need to move out to new apartment you want to take your
favourite piece of furniture with you. Built to the last from oak wood, maple plywood and steel, solid but
easy to disassemble for easy carrying, your Box*C can become a constant in a world of fast changes a
reminder, piece of your own history packed in the box.
Now it's you'r turn, just decide how would you like to use it ...