Nice to meet you!

WRKBNCH is a small, but very fast pieces Interior Design practice. We work on different type of projects from single furniture units up to whole interior design concept for residential and commercial. Our team includes Interior and Furniture Designers, Operation Managers and Showroom Assistants who make sure that all projects are delivered with the highest standard. We have over 20 years of experience in interior and product designs and we are happy to share our expertise to delivered dream project to our clients. We are always happy to discuss any architectural project or tell more about WRKBNCH so feel free to visit us in our Shoreditch showroom!


Our Designers

We are the people behind your “wow, that’s amazing”. We design spaces, create new furniture pieces and make sure our clients meeting aren’t that boring. We have over 20 years of experience in Interior and Furniture design and we will use all of knowledge that we have to make sure each project is delivered up to the expected standard.



Our Senior Designer and the ‘Father of the WRKBNCH’.



Senior Interior Designer and the artist behind most of our beautiful bespoke furniture units.


Interior Designer and animal lover.
There is no dog in the park she wouldn’t approach.


Interior Designer with distinguished
taste and strong interest in textiles.