bespoke kitchens


If you are looking for that special, unique and bespoke kitchen, we will work closely with you from design through to manufacture to create that perfect piece. We can produce kitchens to any design and size using the materials of your choice. We are not limited but modules or ‘off-shelf’ solutions. We can adjust any design to fit your space perfectly. Our team of designers will work closely with you and will assist you from concept design through to installation, the only limitation is your imagination.

Please browse our most popular designs below.


lacquered kitchen

- available in lacquered MDF
- full length cabinet handles
- can be designed with push/pull handles
- Kitchen can be finished using wide range of colours
- MDF or laminate finish inside the cabinets
- available in tall and short units as well as wall cabinets
- best value for money
- can be finished with any top
- low plinth
- adjustable, fit any space
- simple, yet precise design



- part of our signature box collection
- cargo and drawers units only
- stained wood finish
- natural oak and colour finishes available
- brass, painted or steel handles
- freestanding units
- adjustable, fits any space
- open shelves available in both tall and standard units
- oak finish inside units
- bespoke hood design available


frame collection

- structure and fronts are made from the same material
- available in plywood or laminate finish
- low plinth
- plinth levelled with the cabinets
- high detail, precise design
- modern look
- adjustable to any size
- door handles can be built in or visible


shaker kitchen

- MDF or veneer wood finish available
- available with push/pull or standard handles
- MDF or laminate finish inside the carcass