box collection

Box collection was designed to break the rules. Let’s face it. Most apartments are not big enough for a standard, catalogue furniture. Box collection is a great solution for difficult spaces and fits perfectly in all spaces from minimalist to industrial. It comes in various colours and bespoke sizing. It comes in cargo and drawer units only, to maximise the usage within the small area. No matter what sizes the drawers are, they will always be able to fit the base box in various options.


Home Cabinet Box C Home Office or Dressing Table is an Award Winner in Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Category, 2016 - 2017.

Cabinet with three variants of internal options: can be used as a dressing table, office desk, TV unit. Great Home multi functional opportunity. Personal space is made of oak and plywood with a solid brass elements goes with an internal cable outlet. Cabinet is equipped with a sliding soft closing desk with some storage underneath. There is a lot of storage space for the books, notepads. Dressing table goes with a mirror and fitted light plus mirrors can be installed on a side doors. Instead of sliding desk cabinet equipped with a drawers to give more storage capacity.