Hampstead Office (2016)

Designing this home office space in Hampstead was a project we got appointed to by a young professional writer who also is a great fan of music. Our brief was to propose a space that not only is a great place to work and be inspired, but also for client meetings and a place to relax, where they could play and listen to their music. As the space is located in a Victorian house we decided to highlight these existing architectural features and materials by not removing the beautiful chevron flooring and only lightly refreshing the decorative walls. We created a set of bespoke joinery pieces which would fit the clients personal vinyl collection and manufactured a desk that complimented the space and reflected the client’s personality. A bespoke fireplace frame was designed and created to add a more contemporary touch to the space, working with simple forms which would be modern but timeless.

Client - Private
Status - Finished
Type - Concept Design