Mobo Restaurant in Marbella, Spain (2017)

Client - Private
Status - Finished
Type - Full interior design concept and construction management,
Graphic design + company brand concept including logotype and menu design.
Experience design including menu testing and sourcing local suppliers.


Marbella is known as a tourist magnet and hot spot, with a large ex-pat community but with limited places to offer for young locals. We wanted to create a space dedicated to them, where they can hang out during the day with a cup of coffee and try Japanese cuisine during evening. We created a place which felt cosy and invited people to socialise.

We worked intimately with the business investors right from the beginning of the project all the way up until the restaurant opening. Not only designing the interiors, but also the whole ‘dining experience’, sourcing ingredients, creating the logo and typeface and right down to us each individually tasting menu, making sure that every element matched the company’s brand aspirations and vision. The project was on a limited budget which gave us an opportunity to experiment with up-cycled and recycled pieces. All chairs were second hand, all lights recycled and all walls were left untouched. We wanted to prove that a great space can be done without spending a lot and we believe that with Mobo we have done this.